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One Plus Watch Review

If you thought that you already knew all the powerful Smartwatch models, wait to see what we bring you today, ONEPLUS Watch review, which has just been launched.

ONEPLUS, one of the newest Chinese brands, which made a lot of noise with its first smartphone model and which has evolved a lot since then, presents its first smartwatch model with a very good design, specifications, and features, which we will tell you today!


If you’re wondering when the Oneplus watch release date is, it’s already passed! This OnePlus smartwatch was presented on March 23, 2021, although to be able to buy OnePlus you will have to wait.

We begin this analysis of the Watch OnePlus, talking about the brand that designs it, OnePlus, a Chinese brand that is developing mobile models that are very high in quality/price.

In the box of the OnePlus Watch you will find:

· 22mm watch and strap

· Magnetic Charging Base and Cable

· OnePlus Watch instruction manual

The new OnePlus Watch has a new AMOLED touch panel, with a larger size, going up to 1.39 inches and higher resolution, of 454 x 454px and a density of 326ppp, curiously the same as the Amazfit GTR 2 and the Realme Watch S Pro. Very eye-catching!

OP watch also has a 2.5D glass that will give you that feeling of “roundness” and fluidity of the glass with the bezel of the watch itself.

dimensions and weight
Regarding the OnePlus Watch measurements, you`ll find 46.4 × 46.4mm × 10.9mm, as well as a total weight (with the strap) of 76 g

If we talk about weight, perhaps it is the most negative aspect. OP watch is a model with a fairly high weight and that is surprising since the regular user expects a light smartwatch so to wear it all day without hardly noticing it.

At the moment the brand has shown us 3 models or editions in which this OnePlus smartwatch is going to be launched:

  • Oneplus Watch Classic: model with dark bezel called «Midnight Black»
  • OnePlus Watch «Cobalt«: a limited edition that has the golden bezel called «Cobalt»
  • OnePlus Watch Silver: called by the brand “Moonlight Silver”, we will have a silver bezel that will go together with a lighter, white strap.

On the side, the OnePlus watch has two buttons, through which you have access to all the functionalities and applications that allow you direct access to everything you need.

If we talk about the OnePlus Watch strap, you will find a 22mm wide strap, with a maximum length of 120mm and about 75mm in its minimum measure.

That is quite a standard measure for all current smartwatches, such as Xiaomi Amazfit.

water resistance
The new watch from the One Plus brand offers resistance to water, as well as dust, achieving the IP68 rating. You can submerge it underwater without any problem up to 5 ATM or what has been about 50 meters deep underwater.
Regarding the battery of this new OnePlus sports watch, it offers us a battery capacity of 402mAh.

The battery will allow the watch to endure :

  • Up to 14 days of “regular” use (depends on each user)
  • 5 days with Oxygen Monitoring 24 hours a day
  • 25 hours of Exercise Activities with active GPS

On the back of the watch, you will find two charging pins with which you can do a “fast charge” of 5 minutes and you will have enough battery for the whole day or a charge of 20 minutes »for the autonomy of one week.

If we focus on the sports section, we find a spectacular assortment of activities and sports that this watch can track.

In this new model, you have the possibility of controlling and recording all our activities abroad thanks to the GPS + GLONASS system that it is incorporated.

You also have accurate and relevant data for any activities such as:

  • Heart rate
  • Altimeter
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Sports Activity Autodetection

If you want to know all the types of sports that you can control with the smartwatch, they are:

  • Parkour
  • Running indoors and outdoors
  • Walking indoors and outdoors
  • Cycling, spinning, and elliptical treadmill
  • Routes
  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Yoga
  • Strength training
  • Rowing

The One Plus watch has the following features:

  • Idle Monitor
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Stress Monitor
  • Distance and Speed ​​Monitor
  • Calorie Monitor
  • SWOLF efficiency measurement (swimmers)
one plus watch review
music and memory
One of the sections that the Chinese brand has opted for for its new smartwatch has been to integrate internal memory into the device to store your music.

This model includes a 4GB memory or about 500 songs.

You can listen to the music stored in our OnePlus Watch directly from Bluetooth headphones or through its integrated speaker!

OnePlus Watch has a built-in speaker, which will allow you to listen to music directly from the watch, as well as an integrated microphone.

notifications and calls
Regarding notifications, if your question is whether the OnePlus Watch can receive WhatsApp, we will tell you YES. You can perfectly read WhatsApp messages on your watch, even with emoticons.

In summary, the different notifications that you can see on your watch, as long as you have your smartphone’s Bluetooth connected and synchronized with the watch, are:

  • Phone calls / SMS
  • Whatsapp / Telegram
  • Calendar
  • Twitter / Instagram
  • Youtube

As we have already mentioned, thanks to the integrated speaker and microphone, you can receive and answer calls directly from the OnePlus SmartWatch itself, something that not all watches allow.

You can also control the OnePlus television, an OnePlus smart TV, and that would allow you to automatically connect with the watch, as well as change the channel, increase/decrease volume or even answer a call from the television!

one plus health app
As in the rest of smart and sports watches, you can connect to your Android and iOS smartphone, through the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity integrated into the watch itself and the new OnePlus APP.

This app is essential both to set the smartwatch at the beginning, as well as to make all the available settings, select the language and synchronize and update all the data so you can access your summary of activities, daily steps, average pulse, current pulse, calories consumed …


where to buy?
If you have reached the end of the analysis, it is because you are thinking of buying the OnePlus Watch, unfortunately, the OnePlus Watch is not yet available on Amazon, but you can find it on the Aliexpress store approximately for $200, for the black and silver version

If you are thinking of buying this Watch, we are still waiting for the prices to appear in the rest of the stores to see the price of the OnePlus Watch on Amazon. 

If you are looking for the price of the cobalt or gold Oneplus watch, it is not for sale yet.

We leave you some indicative prices of the main online stores:


one plus watch review
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